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Sugar Hair Removal

If you haven't tried sugaring yet you will absolutely love it!!

Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of hair removal dating back to ancient Egypt, it is eco friendly and more comfortable than waxing, resulting in less redness, irritation and minimised pain while leaving your skin silky smooth with no sticky residue.

The Italwax sugaring range is made in Italy to the highest of standards and uses only 4 simple and natural ingredients, it is completely cruelty free and there is no testing on animals, this is something that is very important to me. 

Because there's no nasties in these incredible products it eliminates the need for harsh chemical laden aftercare used during regular waxing, all your need is a quick wipe with a damp flannel to remove any residue and your skin is irresistibly smooth, your even safe to put on your most delicate stockings or underwear without the risk of that horrible sticking, you can finally say goodbye to the dreaded waxing undies you've been holding onto!!!

As if there wasn't enough reasons to love sugaring the sugar paste itself is water soluble, this means it breaks down in water causing little to no damage to our environment unlike regular wax and its products which can take up to 500 years to break down.

Sugar hair removal is just as effective as traditional wax, sugar wax is great for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis or have sensitive skins as the sugar is a lower temperature and not filled with irritating chemicals.

I currently use sugar wax for all my removal except for legs.

Make the change today, your body and the earth will love you for it 

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