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Do you want clear, bright, youthful skin? 

Then you need to try Dermaplaning!!

Dermaplaning has been practiced by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for over 40 years, as the incredible benefits of dermplaning became more widely known it started to spark interest within the beauty industry, today it is a specialised facial performed by a trained and qualified therapist that includes a controlled scraping of the skin with a surgical blade to remove superficial layers of old keratinised skin cells and fine vellus hair also referred to as "peach fuzz" revealing softer smoother skin.

There are many benefits to receiving regular Dermaplaning treatments including

-Brighter complexion, a build up of dead skin cells and vellus hair can give the skin a dull appearance, by removing these you will be left looking radiant and fresh

- Increases absorption of your skincare

-Allows the skin to breathe reducing congestion

-Softens and can reduce fine lines and acne scars, by stimulating the deeper layers of your skin it causes the skin to produce more collagen improving your all over skin texture and tone

Dermaplaning is an extremely safe treatment and leaves your skin looking fresh and radiant immediately after the treatment, there is no redness or irritation after a treatment so need for downtime meaning you can continue with your day

After receiving your treatment you will need to care for your skin by avoiding active products for a couple of days, moisturising regularly and making sure you apply SPF to protect your skin, for the best results I recommend booking regular monthly appointments

What you do at home between your treatments is just as important as the treatment itself, I have a range of skincare including specific face SPF available to purchase in the cottage which will ensure you get the best results for a gorgeous glowing face 

For more info please get in touch or feel free to book online, don't forget to book the complimentary 15 minute consultation if it is your first Dermplaning treatment at Beauty Essentials as this gives me a chance to talk to you before the treatment and to explain aftercare and go through any questions you may have.

ORA Holistic Facials

Wellness and skincare for your mind, body and soul....

ORA is an incredible range of skincare, body care and wellness remedies made right here in NZ, it is an organic, cruelty free, vegan, aromatherapy based range all about giving back to the skin and body, all products are made in Gisborne by one incredibly talented and passionate lady named Kate.

I personally use this range and can hand on heart say my skin has never been better, I fall more in love with the products by the day so thought everyone deserved to experience the magic that is Ordinary Rituals Aromatherapy (ORA)

I offer two ORA facials, one is a basic 30 minute express style treatment whilst the second is a more luxurious type which includes a mask and décolletage massage.

During both treatments we work on repairing and giving back to the skin in a gentle and calming way, I incorporate the use of a rose quartz roller during the application of the moisturiser, this helps to calm the skin and I believe the energies of crystals speak for themselves.

Full range of all ORA skincare used during the treatments are also available for purchase in the Beauty Essentials Cottage

Jade Roller
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