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"To treat a whole person not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually"

Holistic treatments are designed to treat your entire body and soul to give you a feeling of inner calm and peace and release any bad energies or feelings you are carrying, in the Beauty Cottage I offer two holistic treatments Ear Candling and Hot Stone Massage 

Ear Candling

This is a traditional therapy first used by ancient Egyptians that became popular within the Hopi Indian tribes of south-west America before making its way into todays modern world, it is now a common treatment for those looking for a gentle alternative solution to sinus and ear problems.

Benefits of Ear Candling include 

-Removal of wax, bacteria and debris from the ear canal

-Treating and relieving pain from sinus infections 

-Improving hearing

-Treating colds and flus

-Relieving headaches/migranes 

-Improving mental clarity

-Improving lymphatic circulation

-Reducing tension and stress

-Reducing vertigo

I offer Ear candling as a 45 Minute holistic treatment ($50) and also have the candles available for purchase ($20) if you wish to do the treatment at home with a friend or family member 

Hot Stone Massage 

Slip in to absolute relaxation as smooth warm stones are gently massaged over your body to ease tense muscles and provide a total sense of calm.

Another ancient art that this time began around 5000 years in India where the Hindus people used the placement of stones during their ayurveda rituals to relax tense muscles and relieve pain, it has developed over the years into the blissful holistic treatment it is today.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Include 

-Relief from tension and pain

-Relief from stress and anxiety

-Aids sleep

-Draws out toxins, hot stone massage has the ability to draw toxins to the surface of the skin and then eliminate them through the body natural sweating processs

-Self healing, hot stone massage helps with your energy flow  and can restore a sense of balance to the body

During my 45 minute Hot Stone Massage I use oils from Ora Aromatherapy to work on your back, neck, shoulders and décolletage (oils also available to purchase)  


Please see my range of ORA holistic facials in the facial section

Hot stone back massage
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